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Spoiled Movie Endings

Lots of sites will tell you how good or bad a movie is... but I found there were not enough that could cut to the chase -- literally -- and tell you what happens in the critical last few minutes of the film. Maybe some plot details that led up to the ending, but mostly, how it ends.

After all, you're a busy and important person. You want to know if a film (or "movies", as you Americans call them) can justify the $15 admission (plus the yummy-yum-yums inside, or "snacks"), whether it's worth taking a date, or even just giving up two hours of your life. You want to know who dies, who lives, and who gets some [shot at the sequel].

And for that, there's Frank's Spoiled Movie Endings.  Use The List of Movies to select a film that you'd like to know how it ends.

(I'm also aware 2010 is a long time ago for "new" films; I'm in the midst of recovering of a really hack job of a hack, and for reasons too dismal to rehash, this is the most recent backup that is fully usable; darn foreign, ill-willed nerds.)

The list contains the spoiled endings of 4323 films. The latest (in the theatres) films to be added are:
Film Title Date Added 
Presented in THX, where available. THX

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