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Spoiled Movie Endings

Each year, there are dozens of new movies made, remade, or reinvented. I can't possibly watch them all. Even if I wanted to, I have to wait for the Bald One to take me to the theatre or the video store to rent it, and even then, others are just a waste of time because they're just crap.

But, this site isn't just about me watching movies and telling you how they end. It's about teamwork. And you can be a part of the team -- how's that for exciting? Very! So, if you want to spoil a movie's ending that I don't list already, tell me about it, and we'll post what you wrote, and give you credit. Heck, we may even you some free stuff. (I may edit what you write for spelling and stuff like that, but I'm still an editor duck at heart... but you still get the props for doing the spoiling.)

Your Name:
(Who gets credit for writing the ending? You can use your part or all of your name, a nickname, whatever.)
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