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Spoiled Movie Endings

For every truly great film made, there's a dozen that just stink to high heaven. Of the top of the pile of stinkers we've listed out things you shouldn't pay to see, must avoid if you're trying to impress a date, and are probably found in great supply on eBay. If you don't agree with my view of it, compare my list to IMDB's Worst 100 Films (based on users' votes).

And yes, there's lots more... but these were the worst once that leapt to mind right off the top. I'll add to the list in the weeks that follow -- and feel free to send me your list, too. Together, we can help others avoid crap films.

The Film Why You Need to Avoid It
Cat in the Hat (2003) I'd have waddled right out of the crowded, kid-infested theater if it were just me, and to this THIS put me 90 minutes closer to my own death.
Crossroads (2002) People with singing careers should stick to singing, and leave acting to actors.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Johnny Depp's character seems to spend much of the film in a drug-induced coma (at least his acting and dialogue)... you'd wish you were, too.
From Justin to Kelly (2003) It's one of those films you just wish there was a duck rating of less than zero. But like the other singing films, these are two "winners" from American Idol.
Gigli (2003) I fully agree -- the Atlanta Journal-Constitution summarized the movie as being "So bad it verges on the legendary."
Glitter (2001) Proving -- again -- why the above statement about Crossroads is true, this time with Mariah Carey.
Highlander II: The Quickening (1991) The combination of sci-fi, fantasy, romance and gore is done in the most horrible, unbelievable fashion. As a sequel, only a teeny bit of the movie even matches the first movie.
Howard the Duck (1986) The words are failing me. It's just awful. Kind of an E.T. remake, except it's a duck that is sent to earth by accident, minus the Reeces Pieces.
Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace (1996) Ranking #31 or so in worst films of all time (as shown in IMDB), I'm lost as to where to begin. World domination, shoddy plot, and the dangers of this being a sequel film and crime-solving kids all spell disaster.
My Own Private Idaho (1991) There's just something horrific about River Phoenix's character as a gay guy who's a narcoleptic male prostitute.
Rules of Attraction (2002) Bad beyond belief. It's sort of like walking through an alcohol-fueled, drug-induced nightmare, but without the buzz or the feeling of euphoria.
You Got Served (2004) Drumline meets West Side Story meets Bring It On. While each of those were decent productions, that'd be about the same as combining the head of a pig, the neck of giraffe the body of an elephant (equally decent animals), the end result will be a disaster of biblical porportions.

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