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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
Happy Endings 2005 128 R 3.0 out of 5 ducks
One of those films where we have a rich tapestry of story lines, but the three main ones are below, and then how they interweave...
19 years ago, Mamie had the hot lovin' with her stepbrother Charley; she got pregnant, gave up the kid for adoption. Nicky approaches her and offers her info on finding her son (not that she wanted to); he wants to make a documentary of the reunion and blackmails her to help him (he withholds her child's name). Mamie refuses at first, but agrees to help him make a film to maybe help him an AFI scholarship. She gets her current boy toy Javier, who pretends to work in the sex trade as a masseuse.
Otis is in-the-closet gay, a bus boy at Charley's restaurant. Frank is his dad, a widower, who suspects Otis is gay, but is well off and lets Otis' band play in the garage. Jude is a temporary singer for the band, sleeps with Otis (her idea) to convince Frank he's straight; Frank asks her to move into their pool house. Otis dumps her, Jude lies that Otis is dating Lane, and she begins dating, and gets engaged to, Frank. Jude is kicked out when Otis tells his dad the truth about everything; Jude has an abortion (she's not sure if it's Frank or Otis' baby).
Charley (Mamie's stepbrother) is now gay (after the incident 19 years ago), dating Gil. Gil tried to help a lesbian couple Diane and Pam have a baby, Gil was told his sperm didn't work, and they got another donor. Charley thinks the kid is really Gil's, and ends up breaking up the foursome's friendship over his theory.
In the end...
Mamie and Javier having a falling out about Nicky's movie showing he paid a woman to marry him for citizenship; Javier gets married and has kids, Mamie ends up meeting and marrying Frank.
Frank marries Mamie after he has a fling with Lane; the film ends with the two on the dance floor, along with most of the others present and dancing as well.
Charley hooks up with his urologist, and they're together for 33 years and own three dogs.
Gil finally gets to see Max, Diane and Pam' son, after the two women get over the lies. The two moms finally let Max eat sugar, and since he's not gay, he doesn't worry he's fat (or so the screen tells us).
Mamie finally meets her son, Tom, whose family Nicky (aka Robby) was staying with. They meet again eight years later as Tom is about to get married, the meeting goes okay, but they drift apart soon enough.
Otis hooks up with Alvin, who I *think* was a very minor character as a member of Otis' band.
Nicky never gets into AFI, but tells people he was accepted but declined for family reasons.
Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for Happy Endings (2005)

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