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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
Something Wicked This Way Comes 1983 95 PG 3.0 out of 5 ducks
Two boys, best pals Will and Jim, encounter Tom, a traveling lightning rod salesman, as a storm is brewing just on the horizon. The boys, and others in town, find flyers for a carnival coming to town the very next day. The carnival turns out to be something of a sinister carnival, which the boys get a hint of when the carnival's train comes to town with evil-looking attractions. In the morning, the boys and towns' folk visit Dark's Carnival, where the boys have a run-in with Mr. Dark, the big boss (while they snuck around on the out-of-order carousel). After sneaking around at night, the boys see the carousel works, and runs backwards to turn adults back into kids. Mr. Dark kidnaps Tom to torture him into revealing when the storm is coming, but the boys interrupt, causing Mr. Dark's dead-like bride woman to hunt them down (the boys had already seen several of the townsfolk turned into circus freaks). The bride woman form-shifts into a green vapor, chasing the boys but not catching them. A parade through town is led by Mr. Dark, to find the boys; the parade shows townsfolk as children. The boys talk to Charles, Will's dad, who recognize the evil that's been in town before. Mr. Dark faces off with Charles, and Mr. Dark first tries to bribe him with eternal youth, then begins tearing pages out of his 'life' book, forcing Charles to age as he refuses to hand over the boys. Will speaks up to save his dad, and the dead bride casts spells on the boys to stop them talking, and Charles a taste of death. Charles wakes back up, and faces off against Mr. Dark in the Hall of Mirrors. Charles sees all the townsfolk who were taken in by Mr. Dark, and the one of Will telling Charles he loves him tells Charles where the boy is; he smashes through the glass to save Will. Mr. Dark still has Jim, whom Will and Charles rescue just as Mr. Dark is getting Jim on the carousel. Lightning strikes the carousel, electrocuting Mr. Dark and spins the carousel forward, aging Mr. Dark to a dead skeleton. The townspeople are freed from their vanity punishments, the carnival is pulled to space by a giant wind vortex, and in the morning the town is back to normal as Will, Jim and Charles romp through the streets; and Charles accepting his age. Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for Something Wicked This Way Comes (1983)

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