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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
Volver 2006 121 R 3.5 out of 5 ducks
Raimunda, her daughter Paula, and sister Sole head off to the village where they were raised to visit Tia Paula and her neighbor Augustina. Tia Paula is sick and unable to care for herself, but insists her sister Irene is there helping her out (though Irene died in a fire four years before); Augustina promises to keep an eye on Tia Paula. Raimunda is unhappily married to Paco, who has a hard time keeping a job. While Raimunda is at work, Paco makes a pass at his daughter Paula as she does dishes, and Paula kills him with a knife. Raimunda comes home, helps Paula clean up the mess, and they agree if anyone asks, Raimunda killed Paco. Sole tells Raimunda that Tia Paula has died; Raimunda says she can't go (not offering a reason), and Sole agrees to go as the family's representative. Restaurant owner Emilio wants to sell his restaurant (he's not making money), and Raimunda agrees to help him show the place to buyers; he moves to Madrid. Raimunda and Paula hide Paco's body in the restaurant freezer until they have a plan. Raimunda goes to lock the freezer the next day, and Carlos asks her if the restaurant is open -- he's part of a film crew and needs a place for the crew to eat during shooting. Raimunda sees it as her chance to prove to Emilio the place should be hers, and tells Carlos yes. At the funeral, Sole hears a story of how Irene's ghost stayed in the village to help Tia Paula until she died. Sole goes back home, hears her mom's voice in a truck, and Irene is alive; she lives with Sole posting as a Russian boarder. Raimunda visits Sole (who doesn't mention mom Irene is hiding under the bed). Paula sees Irene, but agrees to keep the secret from Raimunda. Raimunda leaves Paula at Sole's and dumps Paco's body by the river. Augustina is dying of cancer in hospital, and asks Raimunda to ask Irene (if her ghost appears) what happened to her mother. Augustina tells how her mom disappeared the same day as her parents died in the fire. Raimunda rents a van and dumps the freezer; her pal Regina agrees to help only if Raimunda lets her be a bartender in the restaurant; she agrees, and they dump it. Raimunda goes to pick up Paula, and gets Sole to tell her secret of being with Irene's ghost. Raimunda goes to the room, sees Irene, grabs Paula and leaves. Raimunda stops down the street and returns to talk to mom; she returns and they hug. Irene apologizes for what happened; Paula and Sole look confused. It turns out Raimunda's raped her Raimunda and fathered Paula. Irene was so distraught when she found out, went to confront her husband, and found him in bed with Augustina's mother. Irene set fire to the house and left, and has been helping Tia Paula and pretending to be a ghost ever since. Augustina returns home and asks if Raimunda has seen Irene; she says no. Augustina falls asleep and Raimunda shows up and asks what is going on. Irene says she is going to stay with Augustina until she dies, to help make amends for killing her mother. Raimunda promises to visit and leaves. Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for Volver (2006)

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