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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
Slow Burn 2005 93 R 3.0 out of 5 ducks
DA and mayor-candidate Ford is giving reporter Ty an interview when Ford as they sit in traffic (congestion due to a gas leak in the projects, owned by the local drug kingpin), and Ford gets a call that Nina, an Assistant DA, just shot and killed a guy (Isaac) purportedly as he tried to rape her. Ford gets the story from Nina of Isaac following her and forcing himself on her. Snitch Pinks wants to talk, but only to Ford; they chat, and Pinks says Nora has known Isaac for several months and are having an affair, and Pinks was at Nora's to see Isaac. (Ford is upset, as he's also having an affair with Nora.) Ford asks Nora for the truth, and she tells him a story of bribing Isaac to learn more about drug dealings (she prosecutes such cases). Ford and Pinks talk, and Pinks offers to provide details of Nora and Isaac's meetings. The police chief wants to investigate the shooting, but Ford asks him to wait for the morning. Two cops check out Isaac's, and they arrive as someone has torched it; the cops shoot the fleeing Omen gang-member arsonists. Isaac's phone records show his last call was to Ford's office, and he had voicemail there, but Ford lies and claims he had no messages. Ford asks Pinks what's going on at 5am, but he doesn't know. Nora points out Isaac at Ford's campaign dinner, saying he's Rupert, and Isaac pretends to be Rupert and accepts a $10,000 cash payment for an unspecified job at 5am. They learn Nora set up Isaac to be killed, but he and Nora end up killing the assassins, and end up at Nora's for the hot lovin' (when she killed Isaac). Ford begins to put it all together, realizes Nora is isn't black, but a white woman in disguised, and is a business partner with the drug lord, and she's the beneficiary if he dies, with monies in the Cayman Islands. Ford learns Pinks is an FBI undercover, Nora tried to get Jeffrey out of jail (he's Isaac's cousin; Jeffrey ends up shot). Nora tells Ford if the deal is exposed, she'll let it be known Ford, the mayor and other city officials are all (unknowingly) stock holders that could embarrass everyone. Ford realizes the 5am thing is a staged gas leak, the utility gas guy is Rupert (saying the leak is fixed), and it blows up at 5:10am. The police chief releases Nora (for fear of blackmailing), Nora ends up -- white again -- in the Cayman Island using the name Jackie. Ford is trying to solve who is the gang-leader, Pinks is in an Escalade with the drug-leader (Ty), Ty brags about his crimes (not realizing Pinks isn't a bad FBI agent). Ford quits the mayoral race and goes into real estate. Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for Slow Burn (2005)

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