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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
Underdog 2007 84 PG 2.0 out of 5 ducks
Capitol City is suffering from crime that's increasing unchecked. The police have a big K9 force, all German Sheperds except for Underdog, who soon demonstrates his bomb-sniffing abilities only detect ham. Humiliated by his public ham-finding, and he finds himself in a kennel. Kennel keeper Dan tries to challenge Dr. Simon, after hours, from getting a dog, but Dr. Simon's ID allows him to borrow Underdog (for experiments; Underdog escapes). In running away, Dan nearly hits the dog, and he takes Underdog home (the dent in the bumper shows he did hit the dog, but the dog wasn't hurt). School kid Jack meets Underdog, undercover name Shoeshine, who trashes the house whilst he's at school; Jack yells at the dog, who apologies in English. Jack freaks out, they talk at the park, where Underdog falls for dog Polly, owned by Molly; Underdog prevents Molly's purse from being stolen. They clean up the house and Jack gives the dog a collar with his name on it (Shoeshine). Dr. Simon's helper, Cad (also a kennel keeper) both continue to search for Underdog. Jack and Underdog start to stop crimes (much like Spider-Man was a reluctant hero), and they come up with the superhero name Underdog. They solve crimes, hang out with Molly and Polly, and Dr. Simon is getting more angry at seeing the abilities of the dog that ran away from him. Cad finds Underdog, grabs his collar and finds his home address. Underdog hears the "help" bark and rushes to the lab, and Dr. Simons traps him, Jack and Dan. Underdog agrees to surrender his powers so Jack and Dan will be released. The three are released, Underdog senses a bomb, follows the smell until he lands in Dr. Simon's lab, knocking the dog-power pills from Dr. Simon's grasp (the extract of his powers), eats one and is Underdog again. Dr. Simon pops a dog-power pill, but the other dogs turn on Dr. Simon, and Dan detains him. Underdog saves a now at-risk Molly and Polly, Underdog digs a great big hole and buries the bomb, launching the dog into space but all else is well; after Underdog waves to an astronaut, he lands back on earth at such great speed he causes a big sink hole; Underdog walks free from the hole. Dr. Simon is in jail, his cellmate is Cad, and Jack, Underdog, Molly and Polly are at the park. Polly can't keep from talking about Underdog, but he can't reveal his identity; he can, though, bark loud enough to scare off bully dogs and leap high into the sky to catch Frisbees. Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for Underdog (2007)

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