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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
The Emperor's New Groove 2000 78 G 4.0 out of 5 ducks
Emperor Kuzco, with new best friend Pacha,travel back to Kuzco's kingdom where ex-administrator Yzma had taken power. Yzma took over after hatching a plan to exact revenge and usurp the throne by killing Kuzco. But, in a botched assassination courtesy of Yzma's right-hand man, Kronk, Kuzco is magically transformed into a llama and must now regain his throne. Kuzco and Pacha, with a little help from Kronk, defeat Yzma. She is magically turned into a cute kitten and Kuzco is turn back into a man. Kuzco build his new country home next to Pacha and they stay best buds. Kronk is a good guy and Yzma is still a cute little talking kitten (albeit evil). Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

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