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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
Julie & Julia 2009 123 PG-13 3.0 out of 5 ducks
The film follows the tale of two lives, unconnected but for a passion for cooking. Julia Child is newly arrived in Paris in 1961, looking for something to do whilst her husband works at the embassy; after a few pursuits, she hits on cooking, and finding the women’s class a bit basic, opts to enroll in the professional school for (male) chefs. In 2002, Julie Powell is toiling away at a thankless government job answering calls at a post-9/11 call center. She decides, at her husband Eric's suggestion, of blogging about cooking, and she thinks to take on the task of cooking her way through Julia's 524 recopies (set against the backdrop of Julia learning to cook and then working with another woman to craft the cookbook in the first place). Julia manages to finally get the book published after a few false starts and rejections, and husband Paul being transferred out of Paris (so she has to finish the book in the south of France, via mail at times, re-writing her co-authors original recipes and such). Julie misses the chance to meet a well-known critic when that guest cancels on dinner due to weather, but finally meets her in a rescheduled visit, and completes her mission, the chicken complete with having to de-bone it (the last recipe on the last day). There's a reporter asking for a quote about Julia's poor view of Julie's project, but she doesn't comment. She does get a number of offers to write for various news outlets, food and other magazines, and the like. In end notes, we learn Paul dies in 1991, Julia in 2004, and Julie gets a book published on her blogged challenge... and then a movie (this one, obviously). Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for Julie & Julia (2009)

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