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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
2 Days in the Valley 1996 104 R 3.0 out of 5 ducks

48 hours in the lives of a variety of people that all sort of get tangled up...

  • Dosmo is a loser hit man, who with cold-blooded Lee, grills Roy for information, Lee kills Roy (Lee drugged ex-wife Becky during this). Lee shoots Dosmo and blows up the car. (Dosmo is wearing a vest and gets out of the car before it blows up, though.) Lee is hooked up with Helga, who was the contact for Roy in a spy sort of thing.
  • Allan the arrogant art dealer and his assistant Susan. Allan has a kidney stones that cause him paid randomly in the film. Dosmo breaks in, finds Allan's treatment of Susan wrong, and he cooks for Susan. Audrey brings Teddy and his dog to Allan's place, and they all leave in Allan's car.
  • Teddy is a has-been director who teeters on the brink of suicide; but his dog seems to talk him out of it each time he puts the gun to his head. At the cemetery he's at, he meets Audrey, a nurse, and offers her his dog. She wants to give it to her brother, Allan.
  • Becky goes to the cops to report the death, and leaves the police station and gets into a car driven by Lee. Becky knew they wanted to kill Roy for the $30,000 in her house; Lee goes back to the house to retrieve the money. Two detectives are there, Lee kills them, finds the money as vice cop Wes is nosing around. Wes talks to Lee (wearing the dead cop's badge), and comments he suspects Becky is involved in the killing. Becky and Helga fight, and Becky shoots her.
  • Vice cops Alvin and Wes are looking to shut down a massage parlor (it's a few miles from Alvin's house). They're the first cops Becky find when she discovers Roy dead. Alvin is suspended from active duty for his emotional instability.

Helga's been shot, Lee is leaning toward killing her and chases her outside, where she stumbles down a hill and is hit by a car. Dosmo and company drive by and Audrey insists they stop, but Dosmo hears Helga muttering in Swedish (a tie-in from when Lee was grilling Roy about Helga), and they go the house, where Dosmo and Lee exchange shots as Wes ducks down. Lee gets the drop on Dosmo and is about to kill him, but Teddy shoots Lee with his crappy teeny gun. Dosmo grabs the money, hands it to Wes, and Dosmo leaves with Susan. Dosmo and Teddy thank one another (one must presume Teddy will make a movie about this). In the morning, Becky runs to her car and drives off. Audrey is at work as a nurse, and Teddy and her dog meet her. Susan and Dosmo leave together; she recognizes him from his pizza job; they kiss as they drive, and Susan makes him get rid of his hairpiece.

Moving film reel
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