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Spoiled Movie Endings

Title Year Length (Minutes) MPAA Rating My Rating
The World is Not Enough 1999 128 PG 3.0 out of 5 ducks
British oil baron Sir Robert is killed in an explosion, and daughter Elektra inherits billions, including oil deposits in the Caspian Sea. And somehow, Bond is part of that package, to protect her. Her new wealth attracts all sorts, including the attention of her father's killer, Renard. A bullet in Renard's brain rendered him unable to feel pain physically, and he lives for that sweet, sweet motivator, revenge. He continually sabotages construction of the new pipeline (the only pipeline that's not in Istanbul, which is now Constantinople), as part of his effort to seize control of the world's oil supply. Bond somehow ends up working with Christmas Jones. Elektra is killed, and Bond kills Renard as well, which is just as well, as Elektra was funding Renard's naughty hobbies. Bond and Jones end up in bed at the end, and mentioned something about thinking Christmas only comes once a year... ah, never mind. Moving film reel
Looking for more detail about this film? Try the film's page on IMDB by clicking on the IMDB logo: IMDB details for The World is Not Enough (1999)

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