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Spoiled Movie Endings

About the Site

During the holiday season in 2002, a small group of my posse and I were trying to find a decent movie to go see. Not an easy task when you consider how fussy we all are, and even harder when factor in half of my team is under 12 inches tall and we have a hard time seeing anything from those big movie seats.

So, I figured it'd be nice to have a place where you can see if a movie has an okay ending. To fly against the view of popular beliefs, the ending is just one part of a film, so things aren't completely spoiled. I mean, how many Oscar categories are based on best musical score and best actor? Revealing an ending wouldn't tell you that. But, it would tell you if the movie is crap. And with that, the site was born just seven months later...

We began with the hundreds of films in my collection. Later, we'll branch out into others' collections. Watching lots of films isn't easy. It's not all popcorn, and snacks; after a while, you get a bit bored. With the site posted, I did what most anyone does.. .I went to Disneyland, and took my posse.
But that's just the inital release. We will continue to add movies from other collections to spoil. With new movies out every week, I now get the fun job of having to go to the movies all the time*.  
* While true, budgetary limits force me to attend the matinee showing, or get in as a Child rate.


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