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Spoiled Movie Endings

Other Sites and Resources

Other resources for spoiled movies... 'cuz there's going to be times where, shock and surprise, I haven't seen every movie. But there are others to take up arms where I've faltered.

Movie Spoiled Endings:

Sites with Scripts, for those that prefer reading about movies to watching them:

Not spoiler sites, but still good stuff:

  • Movie Loons ( - Talk about movies, and anything about them... and most other things in the Back Row. A variety of neat cinema stuff and chats.
  • Internet Movie Database ( - Not a site of spoilers (well, sometimes there are spoilers in the users' comments), but an excellent source of everything movie and film related.
  • Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics ( A bit of a read about why that car blowing up would never REALLY happen in real life, and other such things.

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