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Spoiled Movie Endings

There's probably been a time in your life when you've had to tell someone something. Maybe you want to get to third base with your date. Or you did get to third base, and now you want to dump them. Or tell 'em you're gay. Or tell your parents you're gay. Or pregnant.

Whatever the case, you can Say it with Film. There is no shortage of Hollywood films who claim to have a message, a story to tell, something to say to their audience. Why not let you use that same message to pass along the message that you've carried with you for all these years, months, weeks, days, hours or minutes?

So, what do you need help saying?

Do you have a suggestion for a film that should appear in the list? Or a conversation topic we should include? I'm all ears! Just let me know what the film is, and what section you think it should go into. I'll review your suggestion, and if/when it's added in, I'll give you credit, and even let you know when it's posted. Bonus, eh?

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